Keane: Haaland behaved like a spoilt brat after being subbed

Roy Keane says Erling Haaland behaved like a “spoilt brat” when he was substituted after scoring four goals in Manchester City’s 5-1 win over Wolves.

Haaland extended his lead as the top flight’s top scorer against Wolves and briefly looked capable of becoming the first player to score a double hat-trick in a Premier League game.

However, Pep Guardiola removed his striker after 82 minutes, with Haaland clearly unhappy as he took his place on the bench.

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Highlights from the Premier League as Manchester City faced Wolves at the Etihad Stadium

Keane hit out at Haaland’s reaction on Sky Sports’ Super Sunday, saying: “We saw Haaland yesterday being brought off, behaving like a spoilt brat.

“When they win the game and he scores goals, it’s almost forgotten about.”

When Sky Sports host Dave Jones joked it was OK for Haaland to behave like a ‘spoilt brat’ given he had scored four goals, Keane replied: “No, not really. It’s not.”

It is not the first time this season Keane has criticised Haaland, with the former Manchester United captain likening his play to that of a “League Two player” in March.

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Gary Neville was gobsmacked by Erling Haaland’s miss against Arsenal and Roy Keane described him as a

After City’s 0-0 draw at home to Arsenal – in which City had just one shot on target – Keane said of Haaland: “In front of goal he’s the best in the world, but his general play is so poor.

“He’s almost like a League Two player – that’s the way I look at him. His general play has to improve.”

After his starring role against Wolves on Saturday, Haaland hit back at Keane’s assessment of his game, saying: “I don’t really care that much about that man, so that’s all right.”

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Pep Guardiola responded to Roy Keane’s comments about Erling Haaland after the draw with Arsenal

Redknapp: Haaland is an animal

Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp:

“We all want so much from a forward. Sometimes we talk about the finesse and little touches that he doesn’t do so well but he’s an animal in front of goal.

“The mentality he has – he scored four goals and you could see he was furious that he’d come off.

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Jamie Redknapp praised Erling Haaland and his goalscoring instincts after the striker scored four goals in Man City’s victory over Wolves

“This guy is built differently. He is a phenomenon. I love watching him. All the goals he scores and he wants more. He knew there would be another chance and the one [Julian] Alvarez scored would have been perfect for him to get five.

“He wants to destroy teams. It’s very easy to say what he can’t do, just enjoy what he can do. When people criticise him I find it hard to understand sometimes.”

Richards: Haaland is staggering

Sky Sports’ Micah Richards:

“It’s staggering. When you win the treble, the question is, ‘can you go again?’ His form hasn’t been at the level of last season but since he’s come back from the injury he’s had a new-found confidence.”

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Pep Guardiola praised Erling Haaland after he scored four against Wolves and said that their top goalscorer has returned from injury at the right moment of the season

“When you’re that level of player, you’re going to get scrutinised. There’s been times when you want him to hold the ball up more. Look at the size of him. Use that strength.

“To go to that next step when we’re talking about being a Ballon d’Or contender every year, it’s just, ‘can he bring that into his game?’

“I think he is now, especially in the last few games.”

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